🧐What is T-Bone Steak?
T-Bone is a cut from the short loin with two steaks separated by a T-shaped bone: a striploin on one side, and a tenderloin filet on the other. The reason steaks from this part are so desirable is that they're made from muscles that don't get much exercise, so they're tender, and they have superb flavor and juiciness.
🤔Is Porterhouse Steak the same as T-Bone Steak?
People often confuse T-bone and porterhouse steaks—you'll see a porterhouse called a T-bone at many steakhouses. In fact, they look a lot alike and they’re almost the same with the size of tenderloin filet being the only difference.
Porterhouse steak is actually taken from the rear end of the short loin, farther back on the cow so it has a bigger portion of tenderloin filet.📐USDA regulation states that the tenderloin section of a porterhouse steak must be at least 1.25 inches across at its widest point. Anything from 0.51-1.24 inches makes the steak a T-bone.
Now that you know the difference, you’re ready to find your porterhouse for two high-quality steaks🍴!
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