Auskobe feed their Wagyu cattle GMO free, highest quality natural grain for a minimum of 400 days. All of the meat is free from growth hormones, antibiotics and chemical residue. By ensuring full quality-control over Wagyu cattle, they maintain the beef’s healthy, all natural formula. 


Greenhall is not just a beef brand; it is a brand built on generations of cattle farming and breeding experience. Started by third-generation farmer Patrick Warmoll, Greenhall has a commitment to grow and supply the most desirable Australian Angus beef products with a vision for a better eating experience.


Meat Alphabet Australian Wagyu is free from growth hormones, chemical residue and antibiotics. They are only fed GMO free, highest quality natural grains for a minimum of 400 days to guarantee the Wagyu beef is tender, juicy and full of flavour with every bite.


Meyer Natural Angus is premium-quality beef that is graded USDA Choice and Prime. Their cattle are never given any form of hormones or antibiotics and can be source-and age-verified back to their ranch of origin. Meyer Natural Angus also offers a line of dry-aged products, which combines the best of European and New World ageing techniques with modern technology.