Certified Angus Beef®

The Certified Angus Beef® brand (CAB) was created in 1978 by American family farmers and ranchers. It’s the No. 1 Angus beef brand in the United States and the only beef brand owned by the American Angus Association®. 


Meat Alphabet Australian Wagyu is free from growth hormones, chemical residue and antibiotics. They are only fed GMO free, highest quality natural grains for a minimum of 400 days to guarantee the Wagyu beef is tender, juicy and full of flavour with every bite.


Meyer Natural Angus is premium-quality beef that is graded USDA Choice and Prime. Their cattle are never given any form of hormones or antibiotics and can be source-and age-verified back to their ranch of origin. Meyer Natural Angus also offers a line of dry-aged products, which combines the best of European and New World ageing techniques with modern technology.


Only the best genetics of our Purebred Wagyu herd, paired with Pardoo’s custom vegetarian grain ration without the use of any growth hormones, results in highly marbled Okan Wagyu with distinctive and full-bodied silky flavour.