Pork is a very versatile ingredient. Almost every part of it can make good cuisines. Today we are presenting the best part of pork - Collar, a cut below pork neck. It’s tender and well marbled which is suitable for frying, steaming, grilling and barbecuing. We are to share you some simple cooking ideas.


1. Homemade Char Siu🥢
Nowadays, air flyer, lightway and mini oven are popular kitchenware that almost every family own one. With self-adjusted marinade, you can enjoy your own version of char siu.


2. Sweet and Sour Pork😋
Sweet and sour pork is actually not a complicated cuisine as it seems to be. Follow the recipe we shared before and try making it with collar!


3. Collar steak with sauce🥩
Portion the collar into your favourite size, pan fry it and serve with the sauce you like - either make it a spicy one in Korean style or with onion sauce in Hong Kong style, They all fit collar perfectly!


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