Mangalica has become a new darling of high-end restaurants after its introduction to Hong Kong in recent years. Their fabulous fat is called by a former New York Times restaurant critic Ruth Reichl “the single best pastry fat I’ve ever found.” Wonder what make it worth pursuing?

It originates from Hungary, and is the only wooly pig in the world. 

As an unimproved lard-type pig, Mangalica (pronounced as Mangalitsa) is a Hungarian edible national treasure that can resist both heat and cold and it is extremely disease and stress resistant. They kept in the natural conditions and natural feed without the use of antibiotic, beta-agonist or growth hormones.

While it is fatty and richly marbled, it contains less saturated and more unsaturated fat, is high in omega-3 fatty acids and has particularly high mineral (zinc, copper and iron) and natural antioxidants content.


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