While pounding or piercing the meat being the most common tenderizing method, it’s not the most preferable by many as they act like the equivalent of “pre-chewing” the meat.

Here are our tips for perfectly juicy pork chops without using mechanical method.

Tip 1 - Brine

Brining pork chops is one of the best ways way to guarantee a juicy cooked pork chop. Even a quick brine makes a remarkable difference.

Bring a cup of water to a boil, add some salt and optional flavorings, and stir to dissolve the salt. Add two more cups of cold water to bring the temperature of the brine down to room temperature. Place the pork chops in a shallow dish and pour the brine over top. The brine should cover the chops — if not, add additional water and salt (1 cup water to 1 tablespoon salt) until the chops are submerged. Cover the dish and refrigerate for 30 minutes or up to 4 hours.

Tip 2 - Fruit Marinade

Many fruits contain enzymes that tenderize meat. They work great on any cut of pork and will make your pork chop extra juicy with a terrific savory flavor without overpowering the natural flavor of pork.

Mash marinade ingredients, can be apple, papaya or even kiwifruit, in a ziplock bag. Add the pork chop and massage to coat in the marinade. Unlike most marinades, you don’t need to leave it overnight for it to work its magic – even 1 hour is long enough! Be sure to pat-dry the meat thoroughly before tossing it on the grill or skillet.

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