When steaks are dry aged, they take on a unique flavor that has a little bit of funk to it, similar to a good blue cheese. The longer it ages, the more intense and unique the flavor will be. To select one that more suited to your tastes, you will have to consider how long it has been aged and its flavor profile.


The most commonly requested age in steaks. The steak has developed the flavor and texture qualities associated with dry-aged meat: it is very tender, with a flavor best described as a mix of buttered popcorn and rare roast beef.


Has the most earthy flavor in the end pieces, but it doesn’t smell or taste particularly funky. But you can tell the difference in how much more tender the meat is and how concentrated the slightly nutty beef flavor has become.


It grew more and more tender as the proteins were broken down. New flavors begin to overtake the original taste of the steak. Sharp, pungent aromas and flavors develop. Many compare the taste of steak aged 60 Days or longer to blue cheese.


Meyer Natural Angus is premium-quality beef that is graded USDA Prime. Their line of dry-aged products offer steaks in 4 cuts. You are going to amazed by their taste regardless of whether you are a big fan of dry-age beef or not!

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