Okan Wagyu AU Purebred Ribeye Steak (MB6-7)

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Product Specifications:

  • Packing Size: Each pkt ~250gm
  • Storage Condition: Keep Frozen at -18°C
Product Features:
  • With a very distinctive full-bodied silky flavour that melts in the mouth
  • With the Purest Genetics/ Purebred Wagyu
  • On feed for a minimum of 400 days on a vegetarian grain ration
  • AUSMEAT Grading MB 6-7
  • No Additional Growth Hormones
  • Product of Australia

The Okan brand is the 2023 winner of three gold medals in the Australian Wagyu Association Competition. The breeding and feeding techniques Pardoo is adopting ensure the Okan brand is sought after by the top fine dining outlets in Australia and overseas.

Okan Wagyu AU Purebred Ribeye Steak (MB6-7)