To ward off the damp chill of winter, Hot Pot is always the best choice. When it comes to the selection of thin sliced meat, their quality of utmost importance as to ensure a nice and chewy texture after being submerged in the broth!
We are now introducing a collection of thin sliced items ranging from USDA (choice) beef short rib to welsh lamb shoulder that you can’t go wrong with!
Seasonal Offer 8% OFF below products


1️⃣ Meat Alphabet US Beef Short Rib Thin Sliced (Choice)
2️⃣ Welsh Lamb Shoulder Thin Sliced
3️⃣ S-Pure Pork Belly Skinless Thin Sliced
4️⃣ MOE Mangalica Pork Loin Boneless Thin Sliced
5️⃣ S-Pure Pork Loin Thin Sliced