Meyer 30 Days Dry Aged US Natural Angus Boneless Ribeye Steak (Prime)

~245 g/pc, 1 pc/pkt, 5 pkt/ctn

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Product Specifications:
  • Packing Size: 1 carton includes 5 packs, each pack ~245 g
  • Price: HK$1105 / carton (average price: HK$221 / pack)
  • Storage Condition: Keep Frozen at -18°C
Product Features:
  • Verified Angus by Genotype
  • No Added Antibiotics
  • No Additional Growth Hormones
  • Product of USA

Meyer Natural Angus contains less water and more authentic real beef flavor as no steroids, hormones or antibiotics is used.

The process of dry-ageing begins with premium quality meat with a good fat cover and involves hanging the meat in sterile cold rooms with carefully controlled air flow, humidity and temperature for up to 9 weeks, resulting in the meat being positively buttery in texture and flavour.